Our customers don't want another hot-dogs-and-burgers BBQ. They want to impress their staff & clients with an exciting experience-even if it's just for lunch. Call us, and we'll bring the Texas BBQ joint right to your office. We'll do all the work, but you'll be the star of the office.

One enthusiast-run barbecue team
USDA Prime, naturally raised meats
Smoked on-site with a wood fire
Carved fresh on a butcher block station
Served straight up
Sides made from scratch with love
Great reviews on Yelp and Facebook
Great barbecue ain't cheap

Other Guys

5+ events a day, what they do is easy
Cheap, commodity grade frozen meat
Smoked with gas, frozen, reheated on-site
"Just throw it in a chafing dish."
So dry it's gotta be doused in sauce
"Just call sysco, it's way easier."
Hard to find any, I wonder why?