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  • We served tons of delish small bites for the first party ever at our new venue space.

  • Cocktail party at the official launch for the "Clubman" at Toronto's downtown MINI dealership.

  • Some shots from Hilary's wedding at our favorite rustic venue, Sagewood Farms.

  • Another cocktail party catering service at a downtown art gallery.

  • Trying out a new lunch menu at Speed Fastening's mini tradeshow.

  • A beautiful wedding on a rainy day at the Alton Mills cultural center.

  • Awesome sandwich menu for the Southwire Canada annual barbecue.

Toronto Barbecue Catering

"I'm not interested in making the cheapest or fastest barbecue. I want to help make your event memorable.“

You're throwing a party, but want to keep it casual. Barbecue catering just feels right. But where do you start? There's gotta be, like, twenty barbecue catering guys in Toronto. So you fire off a bunch of emails looking for prices, and it's all over the place. Some of these guys are serving frozen burgers and hot dogs. Some don't even have a kitchen- they're cooking in parking lots. Some are smoking their meats once a month, freezing it, and reheating it on-site in their smokers. So, it's time to decide. Do you want your guests eating leftovers? Do you want them eating pre-made frozen food from Sysco? Or, are you willing to show your guests how much you love 'em, and serve them the best damn barbecue they've ever had? The choice is yours.

When you choose Stoke Stack Barbecue for your event, here's what happens. You'll get as much one-on-one time as you need with the sole proprietor of this barbecue catering outfit- that's me, Adam. I'll walk you through the food, service, and everything that we can bring to help make your event the best ever. You'll taste the difference in our PRIME grade, naturally raised meats, homestyle sides and hand-crafted appetizers. Everything from sides and sauces to pickles and bread are made in-house. Long story short- we're a small crew of dedicated barbecue enthusiasts who will stop at nothing to make the best damn meal you've ever had.


Adam SkellyEl Presidente

Wedding Catering

Unpretentious weddings
are our sh!t

Our customers want their family to eat like kings, their friends to drink like sailors, and the whole crowd to dance their brains out. They want their wedding to be a party.

Getting hungry already?
Let's talk.

Party Venue

Barbecue Headquarters

We'd been doing all the cooking for our barbecue catering jobs out of a twenty-two foot food truck for two years. Talk about cramped quarters! After months of searching, we found the perfect building for our business in Toronto. We put in a few months cleaning up this old 3000 square foot warehouse. It's now a perfect spot for our catering kitchen and venue rental space. If you're looking for a unique space to throw a party, check it out!